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How To Get Started in Cycling as a Beginner

Cycling can be a great sport and hobby for beginners, as it is an active and healthy activity for all. But for beginners starting out, it can be difficult to get the first step going.

Here are some useful tips for beginner cyclists that you should take note of when starting out cycling!

  1. Safety First: Always have the appropriate safety gear on you when cycling, such as helmets, and keep your bicycle in good running condition. Your safety is of the utmost priority, and by being safe you can continue to enjoy cycling.

  2. Proper Technique: If you’re still a beginner at cycling with not much experience, try to learn proper technique when cycling, as it can make cycling more enjoyable and keep you safe. Don’t hesitate to join cycling classes to improve your cycling techniques.

  3. Start Small: As a beginner, keep your sights near and don’t aim to achieve something too big when starting out. If you want to be able to cycle long-distance, start near and slowly increase your cycling distance. If you want to go off-road, start from easier trails, then gradually make your way up to more advanced trails.

  4. Join a Group: Joining a cycling group or club can be a great way to learn from experienced cyclists and make new friends. It is always better to find a group of people with similar interests so that you will feel more motivated in pursuing cycling.

  5. Invest in a Good Bicycle: A good bicycle will make cycling more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable. And it will also bring up less issues and have easier maintenance, as a big part of cycling is the bicycle that you cycle on.

With these tips in mind for beginner cyclists, you can be sure that cycling can be way more enjoyable as a cyclist, and if you want to get started in cycling, offer bikehaus club, a place where cyclists can get together no matter if you’re a beginner or experienced cyclist!

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