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Routine Maintenance for Your Bicycle

Malaysia is a country with a tropical climate, and proper maintenance needs to be done in order to keep your bicycle in pristine condition.

Here are some handy tips on bicycle maintenance that you can take note of!

  1. Check your tyres: regularly check the air pressure of your bicycle tyres, and make sure that they are properly inflated to spec. The recommended pressure can be found on the sidewall of the tyre or in the bicycle’s manual. Under-inflated tyres can make your bicycle harder to ride, and possibly damage the rims and tubes. On the other hand, over-inflated tyres will make your bicycle ride bumpier and may cause a blowout.

  2. Clean your bicycle: regular cleaning of your bicycle is important to keep it in good working condition. Use a mild detergent and sponge to clean the frame, and a small brush to clean the gears and chain. Make sure to dry the bicycle before lubricating the chain and gears, cause water and lubricant does not go well together

  3. Lubricate the chain: Lubricating the chain can help prevent rust and wear, and can make your bicycle ride smoothly. Use a bicycle chain specific lubricant and lubricate the chain while turning the pedals, as this can ensure that the lubricant gets into every nook and cranny of the chain.

  4. Adjust the brakes: check your bicycle brake pads for wear, and adjust or replace them as needed. Make sure that your brake levers are tight and properly adjusted. And always check your brakes to see if they work before going cycling.

  5. Check the bolts: check all the bolts on your bicycle to make sure they are tight. This includes the bolts on the stem, seat, and the handlebars. Loose bolts can cause dangerous accidents, and improperly tightened bolts might become loose over time.

  6. Check the alignment: make sure your wheels are properly aligned, and that the bicycle is not wobbling when you cycle. If you notice any wobbling or alignment issues when riding, take your bicycle to have it re-aligned.

By following these basic maintenance tips, you can keep your bicycle in good working condition and ensure your safety when cycling.

If you need help with your bicycle’s maintenance or need to find bicycle cleaning products or lubricants, drop by so that we can help you!

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