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What is a mountain bike?

Interested in cycling but straight flat roads are too boring for you? Do you prefer the mountainous terrain where everything is more challenging? Then mountain cycling sounds like the perfect sport for you. But to enjoy this sport, you need a bike capable of handling the terrain, and that’s where you can use a good mountain bike.


The main characteristics of mountain bikes are their flat handlebars that give you an upright posture making it easier to control during your off-road adventures. They are also equipped with knobby off-road tyres that offer the grip to help you keep going anywhere you want.

Mountain bikes are also always equipped with front suspension to help you absorb the rough patches and tackle the uneven terrain, and some also come with rear suspension to make sure the bumpy path you go on feels as smooth as pavement.

Another feature they include that is not present on road bikes are disc brakes that offer superior braking power compared to rim brakes to ensure you are able to stop in time, especially on uneven terrain where the ground is always slippery.

In contrast to road bikes, they also have a closer gear ratio that lets the rider have enough energy to handle steep terrains, and their body design will be much more rigid than its road counterparts, offering better stability and handling.

Why choose a mountain bike?

If you’re the kind that aspires to cycle anywhere and not be limited to the road, mountain bikes are the best choice for you, as they can be ridden on the road and off-road, not being bound by its capabilities.

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